Book Review: ‘A Most Scandalous Proposal’ by Ashlyn MacNamara

I must confess that I knew I’d probably enjoy ‘A Most Scandalous Proposal’ long before reading it – not because I’m a bit of a romance junkie, or because the cover was gorgeous and the synopsis titivating, although all these things are true, but because I first heard about the book in an email from Nelson Literary Agency (who rep many of my favourite authors, including Simone Elkeles). And I was not disappointed.

Ashlyn MacNamara’s debut grabbed me from start to finnish and made people gawk at me on several occasions when I laughed out loud; Ms MacNamara has a great sense of comic timing. The storyline was kept apace by not one romance or intrigue, but several. Julia is facing the marriage block as the ardent, horrible Clivesden (newly improved by a title) seeks her hand anyway he can, while her sister Sophia manages to wind up engaged to the Earl of Highgate (a scarred mystery) by way of an ill timed faint, and into all of this comes Benedict, Julia’s childhood friend.

I would have liked a slightly more expanded ‘just before the end’ section as the Julia/Benedict romance was settled too soon (why oh why do word counts exist?), but otherwise the book delivered completely. Well rounded likeable main characters with interesting predicaments, check, sexy heroes, check, humour, check.

I read this book through Netgalley (ebook for review) and now I shall be off to the bookstore to buy my own paperback copy for my ‘thoroughly rereadable’ shelf! Any questions? Feel free to post them below…

Next book in the series: ‘A Most Devilish Rogue’ (this will tell the story of Upperton, Benedict’s best friend).



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