Book Review: Star Crossed by Jennifer Echols

This is Ms Echols first attempt at an adult novel, and the first book by her that I have ever read that is written in the third person. So, a lot of firsts, many chances for a screw up. But to my mind, Ms Echols never tripped herself up, not even once.

Wendy is a tough PR whizz, who knocks her clients into shape like a barbie shaped drill Sargent, but when her bosses decide she’s more nasty than nice, she’s sent to Vagas on one last job. A job she needs to do well, or she’s fired… In Vegas, while tracking down her client, Lorelei rockstar, she runs into Daniel her college rival, who is representing Lorelei’s ex. It’s a recipe for humour, romance and a bit of a thriller (when a mysterious stalker starts tracking Wendy).

This book rocketed on, never feeling like hard work, and I enjoyed Wendy’s verbal sparring sessions with Daniel which were always quite clever. A lot of people have said this book doesn’t feel like a Jennifer Echols book. But Jennifer Echols books have always been moody and clever and featuring main characters with problems that go deeper than a broken arm or a lost Kindle, and this book is no exception.

I prefer her first person books, so this isn’t my favourite book of hers (I also felt that Wendy and Daniel’s issues were resolved too quickly and conveniently at the end), but it still deserves its place on my shelf. If your looking for a funny, sassy, toe curling ride through Vegas, give Star Crossed a try. You’ll be impressed.


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