Book Review: Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout

I read Half-Blood last year and did not enjoy it, because it echoed all the themes etc in Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series which I dearly love and so seemed unoriginal, but it’s a new year and a new series and I figured why not? Why not try again? Because, after all, I had liked the writing style of the first book, just not the storyline. Enter Obsidian…

Now I loved the TV show Roswell A LOT, as in it’s one of my favourites and the ending to it was so freaking perfect. Ahum. So part of me thought ‘this could be Half-Blood all over again’, but it wasn’t at all, I didn’t think of Roswell once while reading this. (Just thought I’d get that one out of the way.)

The synopsis is pretty simple. Three years after her dad’s death, Kat and her mum move to a new town to start over. Enter the neighbours, twins who have the whole town talking – bubbly Dee and gorgeous, snarly Daemon who hates Kat making friends with his sister because…. They have something to hide.

It starts off and I’m thinking ‘I like this book, Kat’s awesome’. Then a third of the way through Kat’s walking through the woods with Daemon while he’s blathering on about rocks and an Indian legend and I am SO BORED. But then…. It got better and better. The action and romance kicked in and now I’m thinking about reading the sequel.

The book is written in Kat’s p.o.v. but right at the end some ‘extra’ scenes written from Daemon’s p.o.v. are included (scenes we’ve already seen from Kat’s p.o.v.). As much as I loved this little insight, I was glad that they only appeared at the end, as early on only having Kat’s take on things helped build the suspense re the ‘weird neighbours next door’.

So: I wish this book had been edited more closely, but I still enjoyed the second half and the beginning a lot.

Recommended to: teen paranormal romance groupies, fans of Joss Stirling.


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