Book Review: True by Erin McCarthy

4.5 out of 5

Check out the synopsis here.

I first experienced Erin McCarthy’s writing several years ago when she won a novella competition run by sexy romance author guru Lori Foster, so when I saw this title I guessed it would be worth a read. Luckily, I was right.

I would say this this novel fits into that strange breed of ‘new adult’ titles that include books like Slammed and Beautiful Disaster. Rory, an undergrad, is training to be a coroner while living with her two party hungry best friends. One night she gets into trouble with a guy who misinterprets her inexperienced kisses, when Tyler appears to save her evening, and so starts a wonderful friendship.

Rory was really well drawn and a very likeable character, the quiet sort who knows her own mind. (She wasn’t highly strung, overly dramatic, or self obsessed.) The kind of girl you’d want to be friends with, which is important because the entire novel is written in her p.o.v.

The pace of the story was spot on – I read the entire thing in one sitting – and the twists and turns were plenty entertaining. There was some humour in this novel, coming from the sparring between Rory and Tyler and the two snarky best friends (I can’t wait to read Jessica’s story), but the main tone was heart thumping – family drama etc. One of my favourite things about this book was how Tyler and Rory were always very honest about their feelings. There was no real subterfuge.

If you’re looking for a smart sexy modern romance set in college, give this one a whirl.

I have knocked 0.5 off my rating because the ending was quite abrupt and I wanted to know more about how things will work out for Tyler and his brothers, right now, before whenever the next book is out!


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