Book Review: Never Too Far by Abbi Glines


One Line Review: Like junk food – addictive, tasty, not good for you. 4 STARS

When Blaire finds out she’s pregnant she ends up moving back to Rosemary – where her best friend lives and there’s a job that will pay her something – but it’s just temporary, just until she gets enough cash together to set herself up somewhere else. Just until she has to tell Rush she’s pregnant. Rush misses Blaire and he hasn’t given up on her. When he hears she’s returned to Rosemary he’s prepared to do anything, be anything, to get her back – even if that means just being her friend.

It’s been ages since I read ‘Fallen Too Far’, but I remember not really ‘liking’ any of the male characters in the book – they came across as self-interested jerks. This time around I really liked Rush and his lovestruck p.o.v. was quite endearing although this boys makes so many mistakes with Blaire it’s mind-boggling (the scene in the driveway when his mum calls re the boat storyline? Erg!). Anyway I also liked Woods a lot better in this one so I just purchased his spin-off book ‘Twisted Perfection’, but I think I might wait to read it until Book 2 is out – why is Abbi Glines splitting romances across 2 books? Drives me crazy!

This is a self-published novel with a fair amount of typos which drag you out of the action and bother your inner editor, but Abbi Glines narration and plot-lines are just so good it’s pretty easy to forgive these and just get sucked straight back into the action. This isn’t well edited chic lit, but it’s a great read all the same and I enjoyed it a lot more than most of its more closely scrutinised counterparts. Abbi writes with a freedom that makes her characters come alive in a way they just don’t in most books.

So this book is HOT and HEARTWARMING and totally DELICIOUS. It’s a guilty pleasure, the Desperate Housewives of New Adult lit and I’m glad I read it. 🙂 And I’m definitely looking forward to Book 3 when baby arrives, I’m not done with these two yet!

For those of you looking for the ‘Never Too Far’ bonus chapter (epilogue), Abbi Glines has posted it here on her website.

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