Book Review: Spirit by Brigid Kremmerer


At the start of this book Hunter Garrity is up to his neck in troubles. His grandfather is spoiling for a fight; the Merrick brothers think he ratted them out; and Calla, a scheming psycho, wants to him to call the Guides to town (or she’ll burn said town down). Then there’s Kate Sullivan, the new girl at school. She’s not hostile. She’s bold. Funny. Hot. But she’s got an agenda, too.

He’s got to stop Calla, but at what price?

I was expecting a paranormal romance, just like the other books in this series delivered, but that was not Hunter Garrity’s story. In past novels Hunter lost his dad, then he lost Becca’s affection, then he lost Gabriel’s friendship – this is not a character who was destined for an easy life, or a Happily Ever After novel. I should have figured that one out way before I did.

It was nice to see things from Hunter’s perspective, especially since he has been such a controversial character in this series – the betrayer. He’s actually quite a likeable guy once you get inside of his head and his home dynamic was interesting to watch as it played out; I liked the resolution with his mum at the end. Although Hunter, please loose the word ‘slut’ from your vocabulary.

[Kate’s p.o.v. chapters were fantastic. It was great to see a kick ass female character enter the Elementals world.]

The pace of this novel easily matched previous titles in this series and the story was quite engaging, lots of big bang moments! I felt the ending was a little bit anticlimactic, although it set the series up nicely for a big showdown in the next book when the repercussions of this one hit home.

I felt Kate and Hunter’s relationship never really had chance to get off the ground, so I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I could have been. (I also couldn’t believe that he didn’t realise what she was straight off the bat, but that somehow she recognised his powers… It felt too convenient.)

So a pretty solid continuation of the series, but not the book you’d expect to read.

If you love the Elementals series then reading this instalment just makes sense, but it might leave you a little shocked and impressed by Ms Kremmerer’s daring.

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