Book Review: Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley


Tabitha Allen grew up in the thick of the Chaos Motorcycle Club; Her father is Chaos’ leader, and the club has always had her back. But when her troubled high school years, spent pining after club member Shy Cage from afar and dealing with her irate mum, start to affect her future she pulls herself together to find a better path. One far away from Chaos and Shy Cage… But when tragedy strikes and she looses the one person she needed the most, she winds up back at Chaos in Shy’s orbit. Will history repeat itself or will Shy finally notice her this time?

Wow. Think ‘Sons of Anarchy’ meets romance novel. It’s sexy and chauvinistic and a whole lot of fun. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

The first few chapters were written from Shy’s point of view, but after that they shifted between Tabby and Shy. I loved how the story spanned years, not days or weeks, as it made the creeping romance seem all the sweeter. I won’t say Shy was the perfect hero – won’t do laundry? Ergh! – but that did make him seem all the more real (and perfect heroes can be pretty boring…).

I really appreciated how Tabby spoke her mind and stood up for herself and others (she was a sensible, loyal friend) and I liked how functional her relationship was with Shy – neither tried to emasculate or pigeonhole the other. When Shy refused to ‘control his woman’ as one biker put it, I nearly cheered – very cool! You can be butch and fully support your girl’s independence. 😉

The family dynamics in this novel gave the story a deeper dimension, it’s not just a fluffy romance! And I liked that. In fact it’s: humorous (a certain conversation about IT geeks versus badasses had me in stitches), perceptive and really HOT. I noticed a ton of people on Kindle had been underlying Shy quotes and no wonder, his understanding of what a girl needs to hear is pretty damn accurate… *Sigh*.

I haven’t read any other books by Kristen Ashley but this was obviously the continuation / spin-off of an earlier series. Thankfully she explained things well enough that you can read this as a stand alone novel, dipping your toes into this awesome world. I myself am fairly determined to give Tabby’s dad and step-mother’s story a whirl one of these days (and I’m looking forward to Hop’s book which is coming up next!).

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Own The Wind by Kristen Ashley

    • I thought it was the first when I read it, in the ‘Chaos’ series, but it features characters from her ‘Dream Man’ series (self published) so… 1/2 a dozen of one and six of the other? 🙂

      • thanks for replying! I am not a huge fan of reading different books from the same series that d o not focus on the same characters and I am pretty sure that I will like it even less if the characters are form another series….If I get attached to a couple I want to read more about them and not about their friends… just me probably:)

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