Book Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard


A killer’s closing in…
And two little words are the only clue…
“Find Me”.

If you missed Romily Bernard’s guest post on the blog earlier this week you can check it out here.

Anyone who follows my blog will know that I don’t read many YA thrillers, because usually I find them sort of disappointing, but when I heard about Find Me I knew I had to give it a shot: how many YA books have you come across with a female hacker for the protagonist?  Yep, that’s what I thought.  Anyway, I’m pleased to say that Find Me was a great surprise all around.

Wicket Tate’s as unique as her name.  She grew up on the bad side of town, abused by her dad the local criminal mastermind, and now at seventeen she’s in the foster care system – staying with squeaky clean parents Bren and Todd.  The thing is Wicket knows nothing lasts forever, and when Bren and Todd wake up to who Wicket and her sister Lily really are, they’ll need money, so Wicket hacks.  She investigates guys for concerned women – trolls through their emails, bank statements, mobile phone records, Facebook accounts, the whole nine yards.  Then, on the day of Tessa Waye’s suicide a diary arrives on her doorstep with the simple note ‘FIND ME’.  And suddenly Wicket’s secret seems to be out – someone knows what she does with her external hard drive and her spare time.  But who?  And what really made Tessa Waye jump?

I think my favourite supporting character by far was Griff, I haven’t crushed so hard on a guy with a motorbike since Jesse met Rob in Meg Cabot’s When Lightning StrikesGriff’s not your typical hunky quarterback either, he’s popular-ish sure, but he’s also wiry and intelligent and complicated… in a good way.  I just hope there’s a sequel (which I’m currently anticipating would be called Remember Me thanks to a great last line) so we get to learn more about what a normal Wicket and Griff relationship would look like.

Now, onto the mystery.  When did I figure out for sure who it was?  Literally thirty seconds before Romily told us.  Now that my friends, is a well written mystery.  Also, I never could quite predict what was going to happen next, chapter to chapter, which kept me flipping pages even when I should be doing other things like say, eating.  I do have quite a busy life, but I still managed to read this in only three sittings – quite unusual for me.  (I do work for a living!)

The best part of this novel for me was probably the dialogue and Wicket’s wicked wit.  Every line gave me a great and consistent image of the character concerned – not something every author can achieve – and Wicket’s mental acuity made this a smart and entertaining read.  I wish I’d had more friends like her in high school, it would have gone faster!  The extracts from Tessa Waye’s diary at the start of each chapter were great additions to the story as well and some of them literally sent shivers through me (I will never look at scrap booking the same way again, unfortunately).

So, if you want a intelligent, engaging YA mystery/thriller, with a large dollop of originality – that doesn’t punk out at the very end but rather increases its pace and ferocity – then check out Find Me, releasing September 24th from Harper Teen.

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼

30 thoughts on “Book Review: Find Me by Romily Bernard

  1. I am loving the sound of the MC here! I have this one for tour and seeing your review, I’m really excited about it.

    Lovely review, Annie! <33

  2. Oh, wow! I am definitely more eager to read this book after your rave review. It sounds like an interesting kind of story.
    I don’t really read thrillers as well, because they kind of seem to fall a bit flat, and never cause any ‘thrills’. But this one seems like it could do the trick.
    I want to ‘meet’ Griff, mainly because you mentioned Jesse and Rob, haha. If he resembles those two in any way, chances are hell be a book boyfriend for me!
    This was a great review, Annie 😀

  3. I have heard such wonderful things about this book. I love a good thriller and it is hard to find them at times in the YA Genre, I am glad this one lives up to it. I love this line… Wicket’s wicked wit…. tongue twister. A witty character is a musth for me. eitehr witty or snarky and witty always wins me over. Great review. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • I’m sure a lot of students will love this one. Just a note of caution – you might want to read it first before putting it on the shelf, as it does handle the topics of suicide and rape although neither are described in any detail (it’s about the after).

    • It’s a bit left of field but have you checked out Rick Yancey’s The 5th Wave yet? The mystery aspects of that had me on my toes the entire book! And while you’re waiting for Find Me… 🙂

  4. I don’t read many YA books, but reading your review made me very curious about this one. I always enjoy good dialogue that fleshes out the characters. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog earlier.

    • No problem! If it’s dialogue that you love then you should also pick up a copy of Ruta Sepetys’ novel ‘Out of Easy’ – her characters basically walk off the page. There are some tremendous authors churning out YA books these days and Romily’s just one of them – it would be worth delving in! 🙂

  5. I like YA thrillers but I don’t get to read too many of them. The characters and dialogue sound right up my alley, and that’s impressive that the mystery kept you in suspense throughout. I really prefer the UK cover to the US one- it goes so well with your blog theme too 🙂

    • Lol, I feel the same way about the covers – that’s why I couldn’t resist using the UK one! (But to give credit where credit is due, most of the time US artwork is much nicer.) Unfortunately the book comes out in the US first so if you’re dying to read it you’ll end up with the other cover.

  6. I usually don’t enjoy YA thrillers that much either but this review makes me inclined to check one out! Great review and I appreciate how you mentioned the witty dialogue as a positive point of this book.

  7. I have not even looked at YA novels since changing my review site to middle grade and younger (because reviews of some YA titles have subjects that should not be mixed in with a picture book). BUT I would love to read this book and am going to actually go buy it if my library has it marked “unavailable.”

    Great review. It made me interested in this book to the point of wanting to get it ASAP! Why am I here if I no longer read YA? Because you were kind enough to not only visit my review site, Kid Lit Reviews, but you also took the time to write a comment. Thanks!

    I really miss YA and only stopped reading for lack of time. I hope this doesn’t ratchet up my love of YA to the point where I can’t get my own review books read. 😀

      • That’s a good idea. Something to consider for the new year. Or, maybe, since I get so many books it is difficult to keep up, you or other YA reviewers would let me reblog one of your reviews or maybe even be a guest reviewer on Fridays.

      • Feel free to reblog anything you like with a small link back to my profile. 🙂 Guest reviewing is too organised an activity for my muddled life! 🙂 My New Year’s resolution last year was to cook from scratch all the time – it’s fallen a little by the wayside recently but I’m doing ok with it – a change a year is good for us!

  8. It is no problem to post your review and link right back to it and if you want another link back to your profile, I can do that do. It is easy to do.

    The offer goes from me to you – Thanks! I just might have a new category for next year. Yeah!! 😀

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