2015: Recipe Blog-Hop Challenge

I’m christening 2015 ‘My Year of Cooking’. So I thought I’d share with you guys a few of the things that I’ve been cooking lately and which I loved making…

This week I took out my slow cooker and a packet of quinoa. And then I used this recipe from Lauren Kelly to make the best casserole that I’ve had in ages!


Now, last week I wanted something a little different for breakfast, so I tried a chai vanilla pudding (it takes 2 seconds to make and is packed full of fibre and protein, yum!).


I also did something a little different with cauliflower this week. I covered it in Old Bay Spice seasoning, a touch of paprika and a little oil, then roasted it for 20 minutes. It was delicious!


So, what have you guys been up to recently?  Which foodie blogs do you recommend I visit this year, during my ‘recipe blog-hop challenge’?

11 thoughts on “2015: Recipe Blog-Hop Challenge

  1. That veggie quinoa casserole looks good! I need to use the slow cooker more often. And roasted cauliflower is a recent fave of mine too. A lot of the veggies I hated growing up taste so delicious when they are roasted! Looks like your year of cooking is going great 🙂 Keep sharing the recipes!

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