Film Review: Woman In Gold

Yesterday evening I went to see Woman In Gold.

Woman In Gold is based on the lives of Maria Altmann and Randol Schoenberg. Maria fled to America, from Nazi Austria, during the 1930s… and then, in the 1990s, started a legal campaign – with Randol Schoenberg – to reclaim paintings stolen from her family, by the Nazis, during World War II.

The film weaved together various scenes, from different time periods, seemlessly.

Max Irons as an Austrian Opera singer and Tatiana Maslany (the 'younger' Maria) were wonderful together.

Max Irons – he sings opera in the film! – and Tatiana Maslany (the ‘younger’ Maria) were perfect for their roles… As was Helen Mirren!


Ryan Reynolds stepped beyond his comedic roots with this film.

I’ve already visited the Holocaust memorial in Vienna, but seeing it again through Maria’s eyes, for me, was one of the most powerful moments in the film; the memorial stands today as a warning, a memory and an apology.  IMG_1262You can view the film’s trailer here:

16 thoughts on “Film Review: Woman In Gold

  1. I’d never heard of it but I want to see it ! Helen Mirren is such a wonderful actress, the story is interesting and I love Gustav Klimt’s paintings. Thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂

    • A film that comes out in the UK first? Isn’t that rarer than a unicorn… lol. I hadn’t realised that, I just assumed it was out everywhere! Sorry honey.

  2. I think Helen Mirren is such a talented and interesting actress! I loved her Prime Suspect series. I’m happy to hear Ryan Renolds did a fab job, too. I’ll have to check this out sometime! Wonderful movie review, Annette! 🙂

  3. I really like wartime movies, or movies with wartime themes, because it really brings to light how horrible it really was, and how lucky we are not to be living in world war times. And they also make me really, really emotional.

    I hadn’t heard of this movie before, so I will keep an eye out for it!

    I also love seeing actors take on refreshing roles, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds in this one.

    • I’ve watched quite a few ‘wartime’ movies in the past year. My favourites were The Book Thief (based on the book…) and The Red Baron.

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