A Week in Scotland

visited quite a few gardens last week, in search of flowering rhododendrons and camellias, including Drumlanrig Castle (with its great topiary); Logan House Gardens; Logan Botanical Garden; Ardwell Gardens (with its magical ‘pond walk’); Castle Kennedy (with its wonderful walled garden); Glenwhan Gardens (Tessa’s garden is so colourful!); Galloway House Gardens (by the sea); Claymoddie Gardens; and Corsock House Gardens (with its fun sculptures).


Logan Botanical Garden – The ‘Filo Pastry’ Tree


Glenwhan Gardens

I also spent some time in The Bookshop which is situated in the town of Wigtown (“Scotland’s National Book Town”). This particular bookstore is Scotland’s largest second-hand bookstore, home to one very friendly black and white cat, various chairs, ladders, lamps, many hidden nooks… and thousands of titles. I bought two books; a copy of Alan Ginsberg’s ‘Howl and Other Poems‘ (Poetry section) and a copy of Deborah Cadbury’s ‘The Dinosaur Hunters‘ (Archaeology section).

Outside 'The Book Shop'

Outside ‘The Bookshop’

Inside 'The Book Shop'

Inside ‘The Bookshop’

I could have spent a whole day there, but as it was, we only had two hours to spare… One day I’ll go back – I’ve heard they’re planning to start offering Bed and Breakfast soon (yes please!). I’m now following their hilarious Facebook updates.

I purchased this picture in another 'bookish' Wigtown shop!

I purchased this picture in another ‘bookish’ Wigtown shop!

Do you have a favourite bookshop, or a fun bookish quote to share?

6 thoughts on “A Week in Scotland

  1. I love visiting gardens, and if I ever get out to Scotland (I sincerely hope I do) I’ll have to try and visit the ones you mention. We have a lovely garden I try to visit once a year here in Southern California: The Huntington Library and Gardens. If you ever come out to California, I highly recommend it. It has beautiful Camillas and Rhododendrons. Such a quaint book store, too. I love that bookish quote! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Annette! 🙂

    • I’ve googled ‘The Huntington Library and Gardens’ and they look beautiful; I hope that I do make it out to California. 🙂 We might cross over the Atlantic in separate planes one day!

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