Book Review: Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry

I really love this series!! (I wasn’t that happy with the Noah/Ecco sequel though, so let’s just pretend that book never happened…) And ‘Chasing Impossible‘ was no exception. It’s got romance, intrigue, thriller-bits, giggly comedic-bits, young people trying to figure out who they are bits and great friendships.

Being inside of Abby’s world and rather original mind was something else. 
If horses were easy to get back on, then cars would have never been invented and we’d all have a huge family pet that lived in the garage. But that’s not how the world turned out.”

Abby’s just as fun an MC as I always thought she would be and just as complicated. 

Her sassy banter kept me smiling, even in the darkest parts of the novel:

[Speak] English, boys. Preferably full sentences with nouns and verbs. They teach it in school. Every year. No matter how much it blows.

I liked the dual Logan-Abby POV chapters and ‘daredevil’ Logan is pretty much ‘crazy’ Abby’s perfect match. Logan has own super-secret and his feelings for Abby actually help him to deal with it – now as I’m keeping this a spoiler free review, I shall say no more on the topic.

I did appreciate how important family was to Logan, but he clearly needed to take charge of himself… and he does that over the course of the story. 

Logan: “Not liking who I’ve become [dad] and telling me I don’t know who I am are two different things.

These two gave me all the feels. 

Read it! Read it! 

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