Book Review: Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

This is classic Kresley Cole – action, adventure, humour and romance! #yummy
My mini review of Sweet Ruin

This round introduced us to a new force in the accession – The Bringers of Doom! #wolfwhistle #blewthehousedown

Jo was a kick ass main character, who knew exactly what she wanted. Commitment. A guy who was devoted to her. Monogamy. But Rune was just as stubborn – of course – and like Lothaire he took a bit of convincing… #insertgigglehere #joforthewin

There’s quite a bit of Nix in this book – pretty sure her time is coming! Something has to get in her way, things have gotten way too easy for her recently… #valkyries #uhoh #phoenixrising

If you’re not already reading the Immortals After Dark series, why not? It SOOO good. #manicsmile #dreamysigh

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