Book Review: Entangled by Amy Rose Capetta

When musician Cade is told by the projection of a mad scientist that she’s been quantum-ly entangled with a boy she’s never met and that this boy is in trouble, she’s left with no choice but to try to find and help this boy… #hero

I think it’s important to mention here that I found the first few chapters a bit confusing, as the setting was foreign and the prose were cluttered with metaphors and space-slang. Also Cade had to live with ‘the noise’, before Xan awoke (having been kidnapped…). 

Her search for Xan takes Cade from a dusty, nowhere-special planet, onto a living spaceship/pet (with the help of the Human Express aka Lee and an interested alien, Rennik) and then across the galaxy. 

I liked Cade as a main character – she’s mature, complex, ballsy, sticks to her convictions and she’s always honest with herself. #girlcrush The concept of ‘quantum entanglement’ was fresh and interesting too and the author had clearly thought through the idea carefully.

There’s plenty of humour, action, suspense and mystery throughout the story, even a light sprinkling of romance! #teamRennik So it was never difficult to find a reason to read on. 

Entangled‘ is a very tightly crafted novel, with plenty of characters and storylines in it that I’d be happy to revisit in a sequel. In fact I’m excited to find out what QE means for the future of the universe, by reading ‘Unmade‘!

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