9 thoughts on “New Year, Old Series!

  1. I’ve read shatter me and red queen – both utterly amazing! The writing style of shatter me is a ‘love or hate’ thing however, but I adored it!x

  2. I actually fall in the ‘hate’ category (well that’s a bit strong…) of the Shatter Me series. Book 1 just did NOT do it for me!

    I’ve read the Cinder series, Throne of Glass series, Winner’s Curse series and Talon series (as up to date as those that you can be at the moment) and out of those four, I’d definitley recommend the Throne of Glass series. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter were enjoyable – but they could have been a BIT better. Winner’s Curse & Winners Crime were only two-stars for me. Talon and Rogue were a bit ‘meh’ and I’m still on the fence about continuing that series. SO YES, THRONE OF GLASS. It was a solid series thus far and only improved as the books went on!

  3. Ooh a lot of these are great- Falling Kingdoms is a really solid fantasy- I love it. The Winner’s Curse is great and Daughter of Smoke and Bone is unbelievable! Cinder’s a lot of fun too 🙂 I enjoyed Snow Like Ashes, but kept comparing it to Throne of Glass (which I preferred). Red Queen was also a good read 🙂 Basically you can’t go wrong with most of the books on this list (although I don’t know about some of them, like the Kiss of Deception- that is such a beautiful cover I feel like I have to try it)

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