Book Review: The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodski

This was a fun read. It’s an interesting mix of romance, crime/thriller vibes and Greek mythology. (Be warned, Jordanna knows her Classics and she isn’t afraid to show it! Expect lots of Ancient Greek vocab…) And JMB definitely makes the most of her New York setting – I learnt so much about the ‘hidden’/historic places while in New York reading this book! Which was kind of cool. 🙂

The main character, Selene, is a lonely, modern-day immortal living in New York. This former goddess now makes her living as a private detective and prides herself on protecting abused women, just as her former self (Artemis) once did. But as a weakened version of herself, she’s now barely stronger than the women she tries to help.

When a virgin sacrifice in Central Park, crowns of laurel, archaic bones and one very guilty lookingClassics professor  draw Selene’s attention to a series of ritualistic murders, she sets out to solve the case. She’s almost certain she’s the only one who can, because through these murders someone in New York is trying to pay homage to the Greek gods… Someone who knows too much to be mortal. Someone like her.


Mystery – 5/5 – I loved the middle of this book, talk about a nail biter! 

Romance – 3/5 – If you want passion and lust and crazy sex scenes, this is not the book for you. If you want something sweet, then give this book a whirl!

Classics Awesomeness – 5/5 – I can’t even. Just yes. My inner Classicist loved this storyline and seeing the Greek Gods reborn in modern roles – Apollo the rock star, Dionysus the terminal-student etc – was kind of wicked too.

Ending – 4/5 – I felt the ending dragged a little though – once the bad guys were unmasked, I expected a quicker/briefer final showdown.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodski

  1. ooh I love classics mythology when people know their stuff (if they don’t and they talk nonsense I’m rolling my eyes and shouting at the book- the problems of studying classics are real lol) I really like the sound of this!

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