Audiobook Review: Joyride by Anna Banks

If you’re going to listen a story about two teens falling in love despite all of the obstacles they face – a racist father, a dead sister, immigration problems etc – then it should be told in a dual P.O.V., which thankfully this story is. I liked how Carly’s chapters were read by a women and Arden’s by a chap and I really, really loved Arden’s slow drawl! 

Carly is the perfect heroine: engaging, smart, passionate and feisty! #latinapride. She’s trying to fly under the radar at school, while helping her brother to raise the cash to smuggle her parents into the US by working at all hours of the night. Then one day Arden prank ‘robs’ the store where she works and Carly, who was having none of it, peaks his interest. 

Arden is super sweet and quick witted and compassionate – but he’s also feeling kind of lost after the death of his sister. Lost and angry and rebellious. While Arden slowly grows on Carly, despite his golden boy halo at school (ex-quarterback, bags of money), she knows that  hanging out with Arden will bring trouble for her family. 

The pacing of the story (and the romance) was brilliant, this book kept my attention the whole time. Arden’s drunken uncle and Carly’s brother were really well drawn characters – I feel like I know them! Anna Banks creates a complete and  believable world for her characters – the perfect setting for a convincing love story.

Final verdict: A perfect, culturally diverse, YA Contemporary that deals with real issues and delivers a so cute, couple! 

8 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Joyride by Anna Banks

  1. I read Anna Banks’s first book in her Syrena Legacy and I remember really liking it! I don’t know why I haven’t continued with that series, but I really should. The romance in that book was really great, so it’s awesome that it was the same in this one!

    I really love it when romances are told from both sides of the relationship. I feel like it gives so much more depth to the characters AND their relationship. And it’s awesome that the narrators were different for these POVs in the audiobook!

    I’m glad you liked this one, Annette! I think if I’m ever in the need for a contemporary romance I’ll definitely pick this one up 😀

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