Teaser Tuesday and Book Review: Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster


I’m taking my #TeaserTuesdayPost from Lori Foster’s Fighting Dirty, coming February 23rd 2016 from Harlequin. This is at 13% on my e-ARC, when Merissa shows up at Armie’s flat…

“You’re in your underwear.”

Oh shit. He’d forgotten. Leaving the door open, he faced her. Damn, she was close. Like kissing close.

Like fucking close.

“They’re cute.”

“They’re absurd,” he corrected. The boxers sported two arrows – one that pointed up and said, The Man, and another that pointed to his junk and said, The Legend.

“I like them.” She leaned in – nearly stopping his heart – and gave the door a push to close it. Then she stayed right there, letting him breathe her in and feel the heat of her slender body and smell the scent of her skin.

This final book in the Ultimate series features a sexy, muscled fighter (Armie) and a sassy, wise-cracking, female bank teller (Merissa). Armie’s always been a player, but he has his reasons. After a bad experience as a teen, he’s learnt to avoid ‘monogamy’ and now he needs to keep his head down and stay out of the spotlight – or risk his world crashing down… But he’s always been tempted by Connor’s sister Merissa and even though he knows bringing her into his world would put her at risk, when danger enters her life in the form of a bank robbery, he can’t help but step in.

My Review:

Lori Foster is one of my favourite modern romance authors, but there were some aspects of Fighting Dirty which I found a little disappointing. Firstly, there are no flashback scenes to help establish any “boy falls for best friend’s younger sister” history, between Merissa and Armie. Also, in view of Armie’s reputation and profession, I thought the bedroom scenes were relatively tame. And we don’t hear much about Armie’s tattoos… #noooo!

There were some very funny/adorable moments between this pair. I will always remember the ‘Rissy Was Here’ scene, that one had me giggling out loud. #readthebook!

In Fighting Dirty we also get to revisit all the other pairings from this series and that’s a lot of fun. (When the women of this series set their minds to it, boy can they come up with some interesting after-hours girls’ night activities!…)

I liked the bromance too – there are so many great male characters and friendships in this series and Lori Foster can write men. I have no issue with her male P.O.V.s whatsoever; and I really liked how well-developed Armie’s character was. #all-the-feels

Armie and Merissa begin their romantic relationship quite quickly, so the narrative focus shifts to a crime/suspense angle about half way through… But, as the novel’s ‘bad guy’ is unmasked to the reader almost immediately, then the only question driving the narrative forward is ‘what will the bad guy decide to do to Merissa next?’ This made the book feel a bit of dragged out… #formulaic

If you want a by-the-book Romantic Suspense novel, then I’d recommend Fighting Dirty – this one’s got a bit of edge and a lot of Armie… #shirtless

Teaser Tuesday: The Mephisto Mark by Trinity Faegen


Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Should Be Reading.
– Grab your current read and open to a random page.
– Share two “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.

This week I’m reading The Mephisto Mark which will be the third book in Trinity Faegen’s Mephisto Covenant series. It’s Phoenix and Mariah’s story, and comes out September 24th. I love this series because the guys are so friggin hot!

The apartment was so horrible, it would have to get an update to be considered sketchy. I could hear the scurry of tiny rodent feet in the walls. But I had a feeling Mariah loved it here. This was her very own, a place that was just hers, where she didn’t have to answer to anybody.     (36%)

What are you guys reading this week?

Update: just posted my review here.

Teaser Tuesday: The Age of Ice by J. M. Sidorova

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Should Be Reading.
– Grab your current read and open to a random page.
– Share two “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page.

This week’s teaser comes from The Age of Ice by J. M. Sidorova, releasing July 23rd from Scribner (an imprint of Simon and Schuster).


I was born of cold copulation, white-fleshed and waxy like a crust of fat on beef broth left outside in winter.

I was born of seed that would have seized with frost if spilled on the newlyweds’ bed.

I was born on the twenty-seventh of September because in the month of January my parents had been sealed in a wedding chamber made of ice.

The Empress Anna Ioannovna has issued her latest eccentric order: construct a palace of ice. Sealed inside are a disgraced nobleman and a deformed female jester – they are to be married, the relationship consummated inside this frozen prison. In the morning, guards enter to find them half-dead. Nine months later, two boys are born.

Surrounded by servants and animals, Prince Alexander Velitzyn and his twin brother, Andrei, have a seemingly idyllic childhood. Then one frigid winter night on the road between St. Petersburg and Moscow, Alexander comes to a horrifying revelation: his body is immune to cold. He is immortal.


My Teaser:

Ice is a chrysalis of degradation. The first coat of ice, when it forms on a live creature, is paper thin and translucent; it humbly repeats every curve and crease of the creature’s body. It could be just a second skin, a molting layer. It could, one fancies, reveal a beauteous metamorphosis when shed — a firebird, an angel. However, ice is never shed. It thickens, instead, not a skin now but a cocoon; no longer humble, it soon abandons any resemblance to the creature it covered. A lump, a rock, it joins with other rocks; a sheet, a glacier; it never releases those it had captured. I dreamed of Anna. I touched her bare shoulders only to feel the first skin of ice under my fingers. It terrified me, because it was I who infected her with ice.