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Hi there!  Yes, you in the nifty looking reading glasses…

Okay, I have been getting a few requests lately from authors and publicists for reviews.  So here’s my truth: I actually prefer to read finished books that I have purchased because authors and publishers deserve to get PAID for their hard work.

However, if you are looking to gather publicity for your book PRIOR to publication, I’ll consider your title for review or a spotlight feature.

Here’s what’s in my reading pile at the moment:
– YA Fantasy (Laini Taylor, Susan Dennard) and Science Fiction (Amie Kaufman)

– YA Contemporary (Julie Murphy, Anna Banks, Jandy Nelson)

– Adult Romance (Brittainy Cherry, Catherine Anderson)

– Adult General Fiction (Jonas Jonasson)

– Non-Fiction (Mary Beard, Chad Orzel)

If you’re still interested you can leave a comment below, or use the email button on the side of my blog (please do not email me from as my account automatically bounces all mail from this address).  I also accept mail through Goodreads.

I look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Below is the synopsis of my New Adult Contemporary Romance inspired by true events, WALK WITH ME, slated for release on July 22, 2014, by Bookstrand Romance. I’m looking for blogs interested in conducting an honest Read 4 Review and/or hosting me during my Release Day Blog Tour in July or August. I can supply a pdf or mobi.

    Synopsis: WALK WITH ME New Adult Contemporary Romance (18+), 78,000 words

    KENNA SLOANE is running for her life. It’s the day after her eighteenth birthday and she’s escaping from the oppression and pain at the cruel hands of her stepfather and controlling mother.

    An independent old soul, yet still innocent and inexperienced to the ways of the world, Kenna sets out on her own determined to bury her painful past while living with the family of her best friend and receiving minimal help from her elderly uncle – the only positive male influence during her childhood.

    Kenna distracts herself with an occasional boy toy, whose sole purpose is to numb her of any feelings from her past, because the last thing this career-focused girl wants is a relationship. That is, until she’s set up with twenty-two-year-old Santa Monica cop DONOVAN ALEXANDER. It doesn’t help he’s built like a Roman Gladiator, awakening the sleeping butterflies she’s worked so hard to contain, but the feelings he stirs within her – that he can see straight into her injured soul, knowing what she needs from him to win her sheltered heart – terrifies, yet excites her at the same time.

    Kenna is the sort of damsel this modern-day knight in blue has been born to protect and serve, and Donovan carefully pursues her, sensing the need to tread lightly or she may shut down and run away. With each date they learn they have more in common than they thought – they are both trying to make right in the world that which they could not do within their own family.

    Kenna surrenders to Donovan’s advances and their raw physical attraction is intense with unfolding sexual experimentation, but she still battles with the deepening emotional connection, afraid to submit control of her heart. Even with the revelation of Donovan’s own secrete burden, Kenna can’t level her walls to this kindred injured soul. She fears she is too broken for this perfect man and his TV-like family.

    Donovan introduces Kenna to his exciting, but dangerous world as a rookie cop and she begins to fall helplessly in love with this commanding, but tender, witty man, and his supportive family, changing her beliefs about men to her core. Can Kenna release her heart to Donovan, surrendering her internal need to control, and walk with him in the healing light of unconditional true love before peril strikes?
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Kaitlyn Stone
    Contemporary New Adult

  2. Hello,
    I’d like to request a review for my novel, The Clique. It’s a Young Adult Drama/Romance about a frustrated admirer who attempts to destroy the life of the girl he desires. If you’re interested, I would love to give you a copy of my book to read and review. If you’re busy with other books or not interested, that’s quite alright.

    Valerie Thomas

  3. As a book manager with Booktrope publishers, we email from Gmail so cannot send details of our review request for Sophie Weeks’ new release, Spirits Manifest: A Collection. Goodreads:
    Two ordinary young women, new to adulthood, seeking to define their futures against a world that has already defined them. Two uncanny encounters with a world of spirits hostile and benign. This intriguing collection contains two novels that deftly blend poignant human drama with unleashed supernatural bonds. Two stories of hope, and finding the courage to break from traditions that haunt us. I think this collection would perfectly complement your book review blog.
    If you’d like to review Spirits Manifest, I’d be happy to send you a .mobi or .epub file or you can purchase your own as you are a great book supporter! Thanks, Kay Vreeland, Booktrope

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