Backl15t Blitz Readathon


This is a 2015-themed read-a-thon, hosted by Amy and Prima

My Blitz Goals:

  • Read everyday, even if that means plugging in headphones to listen to an audiobook.   I only had one book-free day…
  • Try to check and comment on other folks’ progress each day!  
  • Make my way through as many books as possible, preferably reading trilogies (to cut down on reviews) and books published in 2015 (but if not, that’s okay).
  • Concentrate on reading books that I already own.
  • Try to update this post with my progress each day.
  • 2,500 pages by the end of the read-a-thon.  I managed to read 2,607 pages!

Thursday 21st January:

Friday 22nd January:

Saturday 23rd January:

  • Pages read today – 157 pages of Angelfall by Susan Ee (May 2013).

Sunday 24th January:

  • Pages read today – 438 pages of World After by Susan Ee (November 2013) and 132 pages of The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (September 2013).

Monday 25th January:

  • Pages read today – 220 pages of The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (September 2013).

Tuesday 26th January:

Wednesday 27th January:

  • Pages read today – 298 pages of The End of Days by Susan Ee (May 2015).

Thursday 28th January:

  • One audiobook completed…

Friday 29th January:

  • Pages read today – 137 pages of The End of Days by Susan Ee (May 2015).

Saturday 30th January:

  • No reading completed…

Sunday 31st January:

  • Pages read today – 347 pages of Unmade by Amy Rose Capetta (January 2015).

Books Read: