Cinema Trip: Life of Pi

Not for the faint of heart.

Although Life of Pi has sometimes been billed as a children’s book, there’s violence and subtitles and scary ‘carnivorous’ islands in the movie edition. And Richard Parker, a full sized Bengal tiger.

To adult eyes it’s a great adventure, if somewhat dark, and leaves a viewer with far more questions than it answers. All in all, a worthwhile experience!

Now on to the real meat of this post: why are none of my local cinemas showing The Oranges? I would love to see that one and the cast list looks phenomenal!


Cinema Trip: So Undercover

So Undercover

I’ve never watched Hannah Montana, but I did see ‘The Last Song‘ because Nicholas Sparks makes the best movies – ‘A Walk to Remember‘, ‘The Lucky One‘ etc. Anyway, I decided to see ‘So Undercover’ today for a number of reasons…

1. It had Daniel Grayson (Revenge) in it! And Kelly Osbourne (Shut Up).

2. There was romance and action hinted at in the trailer and the female detective angle gets me every time – I think I’m one of the few people who loved Katherine Heigl doing ‘One for the Money‘.

3. I needed a humorous, light hearted chic movie to get me through the first real day of my cold and there just aren’t many around at the moment…

Did I like it? Yes.

Main criticism: It was fast paced, I would have like more ‘down’ moments in the script so the characters could have been developed more.

3 and 1/2 stars out of 5 I think.