Book Review: Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines


This is the final book in the Fallen Too Far trilogy.

I assumed that we’d see more resolution in this third book – e.g. Blaire’s relationship with Nan and Rush’s mum improving – and that Abbi would be focused on on wrapping up any loose ends. Instead she uses this novel to set up her next spin off series (with Grant), while dragging Woods and his 2 spin off books into the novel whenever possible.

What really bothered me though was that Rush promised Blaire she’d always come first (AGAIN), Rush then messed up (AGAIN) and Blaire then ran off (AGAIN), then she forgave him (AGAIN). And Nan was a raging bitch with no redeeming qualities (AGAIN).

The big difference between this book and the first two? There was a wedding. Also Rush was sickeningly sweet and romantic, totally tame. He now seems to have no existence outside of being Blaire’s man, he doesn’t even have a job. (And he had 80% of the narration.)

Why I can forgive AG for all of this: It’s Rush and Blair, come on, how am I not gonna to enjoy this book? There’s baby drama, love drama and family drama: it’s loaded with page turner moments. And it’s a sexy read!