Book Review: Bully by Penelope Douglas



Three years ago Tate’s neighbor and best friend Jared stopped talking to her, visiting, or smiling. He started bullying her instead, turning her into a high school pariah. And yet she still misses him. When Tate returns home from a year studying abroad to find that nothing’s changed (Jared still hates her and she still has no idea why) she’s decides it’s time to stand up for herself.


5/5 Stars – finished at 2:30AM on a work day.

This book is compulsive reading; I liked the main character and Jared was an interesting hero! Which of course led to lots of feels… This novel has a little bit of everything: romance, despair, loss, funny moments, drag racing, tree climbing, high school teachers and characters you’ll recognized from your own youth. It’s all thrown in, mixed about and spat out in book form. Delicious!

Is it perfectly plotted? Nearly. I’m not sure I really understood Jared’s motivations clearly enough – although I plan to remedy this immediately by reading Until You – or that he apologized enough. However, the car scene (you’ll know the one) and his reply of ‘it’ll just give me an excuse to do some upgrades’ won him a lot of love from me.

Read it! Read it! 

The best news: there will be companion novels. I can’t wait to read Madoc’s story in 2014!