Book Review: The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

So should you read this one?

Well, if you enjoy sitting on the edge of a cliff and dangling your legs… If you like sassy, smart, mouthy characters… If you like a good riddle… Then YES! You definitely should.

This sequel to ‘The Fifth Wave‘, still centres on Cassie and Ethan’s story (shocker: he’s ALIVE) but it also follows Ringer. Kinda like that girl more now, she’s so smart! We also get more backstory on the other characters – e.g. Pound Cake – and once again Yancey questions the Others’ motives for their #alienoffensive.

This is the middle book in the trilogy and it’s just not as compelling as the first book, when we were unsure of so much more and everything was new to the reader. For a lot of the story the characters seemed stuck in one place, in a kind of limbo. Nevertheless, ‘The Infinite Sea‘ was still chock full of suspense – bombs, mysteries, hand-to-hand combat, kisses, sacrifice, etc. And that ending. Man, the revelation that Ringer gave us, it blew me away… #lovethatgirl

So will I be reading the final book, ‘The Last Star‘? #finalbattle

OF COURSE I WILL. I am now officially addicted to the twisty turns and heart-stopping moments that this series delivers…