Book Review: Mephisto Mark by Trinity Faegen

I think I’m in shock. I feel like Trinity Faegen just mugged me or something. Anyone who’s read the last two instalments of the Mephisto Covenant can break this series down real easy for you: HOT guys + sexy banter, fight scenes, Christian based mythology, soulmates. Simple, appealing, satisfying. Now imagine that recipe when you add ingredients like ‘horror show’, ‘crying like your dog just died’ and ‘abject misery’ – all things I just lived through when reading this book. Trinity Faegen just took my goddamned heart out and stamped on it. Repeatedly. I have yet to decide whether this was a good experience or not. I mean we still got a happy ending, the good stuff was still there, I just had A LOT MORE FEELS.

Yeah. I guess I need to explain. To put it plainly the author is donating a portion of the profit from this book to RAINN – the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network – which is appropriate. Poor Mariah, I knew she’d be a bit different from the previous heroines, there were hints, but… This, more than the bedroom scenes I think (extensive though they were), is why the series has recently been re classed as ‘New Adult’ on Netgalley but frankly I don’t think that even covers it. I may have nightmares. However, you’ll note I did finish this book. I couldn’t stop reading. At the beginning that was definitely because of Phoenix (yep, hormonal tension was present) and I wanted to see something nice happen for Mariah, towards the end of the novel it was the ‘car crash in adjacent lane, must look’ experience. Yeah, and then came the shell shock. This is one romance which is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but it occurs during the same timeline as the events of The Mephisto Kiss (Book 2) so most of the major plot points you’ll already be familiar with and the action came fast and thick and totally hooked me. I also liked the dynamic which developed between Mariah and Phoenix – Trinity Faegen has a talent for writing couples who just work. It was great to see a different side to a few of the other brothers as well, which in particular has made me really excited about the next book (no spoilers, promise!) and Eryx’s character is as bad ass and hateful as ever.

Okay, so: NOT for younger teenagers; consider the subject matter before you delve in; just as addictive as the past few novels but will leave you feeling (emotionally) like you’ve just gone a few rounds in a professional boxer’s cage sans gloves. I’m glad I’ve read it because now I can read the next instalment knowing everything that happened in this one, but when I reread it I’m skipping certain chapters. 😦

Side note: The cover appears to have rather sinister undertones now I’ve read the novel, which is unfortunate as I used to love this series’ artwork.

My Rating: ☼☼☼☼

Release Date: September 24th