Book Review: Blood Kiss by J.R.Ward

A new spin off series!!!! I’m in heaven… #blackdaggerlegacy

A mini review of Blood Kiss

So Paradise and Craeg are part of a new set of BDB trainees – all already transitioned (unlike JM’s lot), which gave J.R. Ward room to approach their recruitment a little differently! In fact, there’s nothing in here RE the Omega and his cronies, so the best action sequences in the book do revolve around this bit of storyline. Sadly, for me this made the book 4 stars, not 5.
The chemistry between the two main characters really worked well and the signature BDB banter made my day a couple times. I did kind of feel that the ending was a bit rushed…

I wasn’t sure the Butch/Marissa drama was really warranted, I can see why they didn’t get their own sequel to work through their communication issues. My summary of these issues: “Butch sees me as a precious object.” “Marissa doesn’t need to know I have nightmares…” Get your shit together people!

RE trainees, can we have a Peyton and Novo romance next please?!