Cinema Visit: Stuck in Love


A few nights ago I went to see Stuck in Love not knowing quite what to expect, just that the film had been running empty all week… and… it was great, I loved it. It was funny and touching and full of literary references and great music and wonderful first lines.

The film revolves around the Borgens family and the people in their lives.

William Borgens is an acclaimed author who would love nothing more than for his children to write and his wife to come home.

Just waiting for Kristen Bell to stop by, as you do...

In the mean time I’m just waiting for Kristen Bell to stop by, as you do…

Erica his estranged wife wants to reconnect with Samantha, their college attending, ‘book being published’, ‘determined to avoid love’ daughter who hates her for cheating.

Clearly no longer together, oh no!

Life is clearly soo much better apart…

Of course, Samantha (played perfectly by that girl from The Mortal Instruments movie) ends up meeting Lou…

Anyone else object to the haircut?

Anyone else object to the haircut?

Meanwhile Rusty, their son, is on a quest to gain ‘life experiences’ so he can improve his writing and falls for the beautiful, but troubled Kate.

First love in a high school hallway, bring back any memories?

First love in a high school hallway, cutesy!

One guess what Rusty thinks ‘life experiences’ is code for…

So if you like well written witty drama/comedy with side helpings of exceptional acting, romance, irony, life choices and STUFF, this is the perfect choice of movie.

Recommended for girls nights!

14 thoughts on “Cinema Visit: Stuck in Love

    • I don’t think it had a very wide release, in our area only 1 cinema got it and it was the small independent not one of the big chains. It’s a shame because it’s a great movie. I’m sure it’ll release on DVD in the fall. 🙂

  1. I had actually forgotten about this movie. Not something anyone will watch with me, but I’ll wait until I have a day to myself and catch it. 🙂 Sounds cute.

  2. Hello lady, do you have a list of the literary references that appears in the movie? Ive enjoyed so much watching it but i didn’t note the books’ names. Thanx!

    • Sorry honey I don’t. If your find a list of literary references or music will you let me know? I’ll add a link to the post. Good luck tracking one down!

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