NaNoWriMo: Black Parrots

A friend of mine, Janni, likes to blame all of her writing doubts on ‘black parrots’ – these are the chaps who sit on your shoulder and whisper in your ear:

“You should delete that sentence, it’s crap.”

“You shouldn’t be writing, there’s washing to do.”

“No one will want to read it anyway.”

She came up with the name after reading the following poem, which I’d like to share with all my fellow NaNo warriors – ordinary people who will be joining me this year in the extraordinary bid to write 50,000 words each during the month of November.

Black Parrot by Dorothy Nimmo

Black Parrot by Dorothy Nimmo

I am going to need more determination than ever this year to get through NaNoWriMo, because my calendar for next month? Looks menacing. It’s choc-a-block with events. So I’ll need help – buddies – to stay on track and a major dose of confidence.

My goals this November: stay connected, stay confident, stay on track for a 50,000 word finish.

If you’d like to help this is going to be my 2013 NaNo user:

21 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Black Parrots

  1. I love that your friend blames her writing doubts on black parrots, I’ve had plenty of those, so I think I’ll start blaming the birds too! πŸ™‚ Best wishes with NaNoWriMo!!! πŸ™‚

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that poem! I love creative writing and I always feel like black parrots are sitting next to me jabbering on about how horrible my story is going to turn out.

    Lovely post, Annie! <33

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