Book Review: Resisting Her by Kendall Ryan


Agent Cole Fletcher lives for his job at the FBI, but after raiding a cult compound and meeting nineteen year old Savannah his focus starts to shift. Savannah is too old for foster care and too damaged to live on her own, so against his better judgment Cole takes her in. He tells himself all he wants is to protect her, to help her to escape the lingering fears of her past.

Savannah needs someone stable in her life and after meeting Cole she decides that person is him. He’s kind and dependable, sexy, and maybe she doesn’t just want friendship. Maybe with a guy like Cole she wants a whole lot more.



4 Stars – Steamy and hard to put down!

This is my first Kendall Ryan book but it probably won’t be my last because I quite liked this one; I fancy the synopsis of ‘Make Me Yours’ so I think I’ll try that next. Agent Cole’s early protestations of his pure intentions towards Savannah ran pretty false, but once I got over this early annoyance I quite liked Cole. And he did put up with Savannah’s cuddling. (Girl, you just escaped a near miss with an arranged marriage – why are you climbing all over Cole? Not that I wouldn’t, but still!)

I liked the secondary characters, especially Cole’s sister, – and there was a puppy, who doesn’t love a puppy?! – although most of the book focused on scenes between Cole and Savannah so their world felt quite 2D. Not that the Savannah/Cole connection wasn’t my whole reason for picking up the book and I loved the switch in p.o.v. between them. Kendall Ryan did a great job here of writing from a male perspective.

Oh, and the bedroom scenes were pretty evocative, no issues there. I know some reviewers were bothered by the ‘other woman’ who Cole beds part way through the book, but as a tool for getting Savannah and Cole to face up to what they really want from each other (before they get involved romantically) I thought it worked well.

And the ‘THREE YEARS LATER…’ epilogue was great! Loved it.

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